What Should You Know About Your Website?

I review and revise websites. I have learned over the years through experience that if a website owner does not stay informed about the trends of the marketing world and the results their website is providing in response to those trends, their business will either wallow in the mire of merely existing or it will falter. What should you know about your website?

In 2016, there were almost 7.5 billion people in the world and 46.1% of them were Internet users. In 2020, the population is estimated to be at 7.8 billion, of which 68% will be online. If you had a percentage of as little as 2% of those online users as customers, how drastically would that effect your bottom line?

Is it time to re-evaluate your website? Doing nothing should not be an option. There is a vast number of tools and tactics available to bring your target market to your website and once they are there, entice them to stay. Are you using any of them…some of them…none of them?

Consider this timeline:

*Your potential customer searches for your product or service online – is your website positioned to be displayed in those search results?
*If so, your prospect clicks on your website – is your front page set up so that their question is answered immediately?
*No one will commit to doing business with you until they get to know you – does your web page encourage them to take an action that allows you to capture their email address? Once you have their contact info, do you have a plan to follow up with them so they can get to know and trust you?

Now, most of the tools and tactics I spoke about earlier are directly related to Search Engine Optimation – SEO. Your searcher’s experience starts the moment they enter a query into a search engine. The better their experience is with you – from your SERP listing (Search Engine Results Page) to the quality and relevancy of the content on your website to the ease with which they can move through your site – the better your SEO will be.

Your goal should be to maximize your potential customer’s user experience from the time they click on your listing until they get to your site, find value and take action.

If you do not believe that your website can do this, then we need to talk. I am not suggesting that you build a new website. I am suggesting you take a look at your existing site and ask yourself “Does My Website Create an Experience That Will Turn Strangers into People Who Want to Do Business with Me?” Send me an email, and let’s evaluate it together.

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