Topic Research vs Keywords

I read a terrific article on the subject of topic research vs keywords called “Do Keywords Matter?” by Neil Patel over the weekend and couldn’t wait to share some of the information with you.

The New SEO Wants Topic Research

As with everything that is significant to an online presence, it seems there is almost a daily change to what we have to do to keep up with the times. Today we’re going to discuss the new SEO generation and how it effects keyword research.

You’re probably already aware that keyword research isn’t as important as it used to be. But what does that mean? What do we do instead? How do we tell our clients what really matters to get our websites to rank?

According to recent research, a better way to get your website to rank higher than you thought possible is to research content topics for organic material. The highest ranking of the blogs that were analyzed showed that they were not so much saturated with keywords and domain authority backlinks as they were strong on the chosen topics, with exhaustively thorough content in each topic.

The conclusion of this research study states pretty simply that although keywords still play a role in SEO success, topic research seems to be more important.

So What is the Plan?

So what strategy do you use to plan a content campaign? You will soon find that Google’s Keyword Planner is good for high spending AdWords and may provide some phrase-matches, but this doesn’t help in your search for organic content to rank better. So if you’ve decided to write on a topic and not focus on a keyword, what do you do?

*You can still search for keywords, of course, but instead of using the specific results, look for related keywords and phrases that you can use to make your content more relevant, more comprehensive. When you write your copy, include these topically relevant keywords.

*Use Google Auto-complete as a tool. When you’re typing in a word and the auto-complete function kicks in, take a few minutes to see what it offers. Their algorithm is giving you related topics to your input. will help expand this function by giving you additional related terms you can turn into blog articles.

*Don’t forget to search for trending topics in your niche. What are people saying about your market? What are the experts predicting for the future? How is the past influencing the present?

When you’re in charge of writing content, look at every avenue pertaining to your topic research.

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