Get Conversions Using a Landing Page

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An awesome landing page together with a ‘converting funnel’ is what gathers leads and turns them into customers. More customers mean more money. But there are a few things to do before your landing page starts generating customers and gets more conversions.

Great giveaways

Most landing pages give something away for free in order to get an email address. First thing you need to figure out is what you will give for free. Providing a great giveaway depends on your audience. It can be a product demo, PDF or something else, but the main thing is that your audience is interested in it. You need to hit on a pain point that they are struggling with.

To find out […]

You can ruin your SEO with these 6 design mistakes

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Web designers are like any other artist, they don’t like boundaries, they like freedom, they like to let their creative mind go to many different directions and explore the possibilities. If you let them do that they will probably create master piece website, but that master piece might not be optimized for search engines.

Even if your web designer creates something mind blowing, it won’t deliver great results like you have expected. And the main reason for that is that your website won’t get much traffic in the beginning.

The reason why you even started your website (created or redesigned it) was to improve your business. And for online business website design is the most important thing that […]

Save your Battery Life on the iPhone5

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