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What Should You Know About Your Website?

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I review and revise websites. I have learned over the years through experience that if a website owner does not stay informed about the trends of the marketing world and the results their website is providing in response to those trends, their business will either wallow in the mire of merely existing or it will falter. What should you know about your website?

In 2016, there were almost 7.5 billion people in the world and 46.1% of them were Internet users. In 2020, the population is estimated to be at 7.8 billion, of which 68% will be online. If you had a percentage of as little as 2% of those online users as customers, how drastically would […]

SEO Tool from Google’s Search Console

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How do you know if your website is optimized for search? Google’s free Search Console SEO Tool will let you know.

Google’s Search Console is to SEO what air is to humans. For that reason you must know how it works and begin using it today. GSC will manage your search functionality and you cannot SEO without it. It uses reports and tools to help you determine errors and create SEO strategies.

There are 4 main areas I want to share with you about Google’s Search Console:

The first section of the Search Console is Search Appearance – that is the way that your listing is displayed in search results.

Have you ever wondered how the text for the search […]

Creating a Positive User Experience Part 2

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Last week, I talked about the steps to create a loyal audience and convert those readers into paying customers. But before those steps can happen, you must design your blog presence to create an alluring and positive user experience. Let’s pick up with number 5 on my list of favored plugins to create a positive user experience for your website and online presence.

5. WP Download Page
Another way to stop a large percentage of people from engaging with your website is slow-loading images. This plugin smushes every single one of your images and cuts all the unnecessary data without slowing down your site. It has an option to bulk smush up to 50 images […]

Creating a Positive User Experience

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To keep your blog interesting, to attract new readers as well as returning subscribers you must

  • Habitually write fresh, quality content
  • Promote your posts on Social Media and build relative links by reaching out to popular contemporaries in your niche
  • Reply to Social Media comments and to readers’ emails in a timely manner

These are essential steps to creating a loyal audience. But before those steps can even happen, you must design your blog presence to create an alluring and positive user experience. Just as important as the ambiance in a good restaurant is to happy diners, so is an attractively designed and user friendly website to turn the accidental visitor into a loyal reader and in […]

Keyword research still works

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Keyword research is still important but I’m going to give you three tips on  how you do keyword research in today’s online environment.

Search engines use a different algorithm or a different way to interpret the terms people type into Google to find what they’re looking for. You can almost say that Google has become more intuitive in the way it renders the results when you do a Google search online. That’s why in today’s environment along with everything that we have available AND the increased amount of competition we have online, you need to be able to develop a keyword strategy that takes more than just the words into account.

The first […]

Content Marketing for a Brick and Mortar Store

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Hey Everyone have you ever wondered how your brick and mortar store is affected by your online presence? Did you ever consider that creating content for your website would have an impact on the number of people that walk through your door? Well I am here to tell you that it does.

I’m going to share with you some information about what you can do on your website that will drive traffic to your site and also drive people through your door.

This post is not just for Brick and Mortar. If you have an online store and/or an online presence only, the same principles will apply. I want to draw your attention to the tips that you can use for […]

What others won’t tell you about creating an online presence

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Here’s what others won’t tell you about creating an online presence…it starts with you. 

Have you seen these or similar ads on Facebook or Google promising quick and easy ways to grow your business?

Do you want to grow your email list to over 10,000 subscribers in less than 24 hours?

Try these top 10 tips to get to page 1 on Google

Want to do this or that in record breaking time without breaking a sweat???

Then of course this one also pops up because Facebook knows I need to lose some extra pounds.



Really . . .

It’s time someone stood up and told the truth. Well, okay I am sitting right […]

Get Conversions Using a Landing Page

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An awesome landing page together with a ‘converting funnel’ is what gathers leads and turns them into customers. More customers mean more money. But there are a few things to do before your landing page starts generating customers and gets more conversions.

Great giveaways

Most landing pages give something away for free in order to get an email address. First thing you need to figure out is what you will give for free. Providing a great giveaway depends on your audience. It can be a product demo, PDF or something else, but the main thing is that your audience is interested in it. You need to hit on a pain point that they are struggling with.

To find out […]

You can ruin your SEO with these 6 design mistakes

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Web designers are like any other artist, they don’t like boundaries, they like freedom, they like to let their creative mind go to many different directions and explore the possibilities. If you let them do that they will probably create master piece website, but that master piece might not be optimized for search engines.

Even if your web designer creates something mind blowing, it won’t deliver great results like you have expected. And the main reason for that is that your website won’t get much traffic in the beginning.

The reason why you even started your website (created or redesigned it) was to improve your business. And for online business website design is the most important thing that […]

Growth Driven Design

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I am just going to say this as plainly as I can . . .

Rethink Your Website (Re)-Design.

It’s more likely that you need a web presence—some kind of strategy to help the strangers that are looking for you online find you. Re-designing your website will NOT necessarily help you with this.

Let’s take this scenario: You decide your website needs a revamp (and maybe it does). It may be time to look at some of the designs that you are using. So, you hire a web designer, spend the next 3 months deliberating over the new website design and spend about $3000 when all is said and done. Then, you wait. New website, new business, increased traffic? […]