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Website Design – Online Marketing – Social Media


  • In order to know where you are going we need to know where you are now. A review of your online presence will help us do that.
  • We will then know if we need to do a complete website re-design or add elements to your existing website to improve performance.
  • We will create a system for your business and determine which foundations will help us get there. (blog/social media/email marketing)
  • We will discuss SEO and marketing. We need to optimize your website for users first so that browsers become buys.
  • Content Purpose for SEO

SEO Back Office Tactics

September 19th, 2016|0 Comments

For the next couple weeks, we're going to talk about some SEO Back Office tactics. These are a few excellent ways that, in certain circumstances, Google will help people who are searching for your niche [...]

  • Facebook Fan Page Likes

Getting More Facebook Fan Page Likes

September 12th, 2016|0 Comments

The question everyone asks 🙂 Basically there is no quick fix to getting Facebook Fan Page likes. It takes some work. There are services out there that will ‘get’ you likes, but these are not [...]

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My name is Brian Lewis and I am writer and speaker. Over the last 3 years I have worked very closely with Kelly to learn how to better serve my customers on the Internet.
Kelly has a very unique and passionate talent that brings out the best in me and my business. She is always positive and strives to make me feel as if I am her only customer. Her advice is open, honest and very simple to understand.

In the past three years, Kelly has created several websites for me, my family and my friends. Her reputation as a web designer and business coach is worth 5 stars from top to bottom. I would recommend Kelly and her company ZK designs to anyone who is looking to develop a website or learn valuable information about blogs, article writing, social media and search engine placement.

Kelly Wright has not only helped me succeed in my business, she has also become a valued friend.

“Pay People What They Are Worth And You Will Never Go Wrong In Business”

A motto my ninety year old grandmother instilled in me from the moment I could talk, who has been in business the last forty-five years. Recognizing the value of talent is something you can not put a price on, so when you find great people who know their craft and do it well “Pay Them”!

Kelly and Zack take care of all my technical online support for my business, the stuff I do not know how to do and you couldn’t pay me to learn. They always seem to understand what I want over all visually and how to execute the task. They are on time, always in communication and give advice when needed. People like this are not always easy to find, I am just lucky I did.

Paying them what they are worth is what I like to call an investment in my company never a loss. It’s a loss if you don’t find a way to hire them. Do it now, invest in yourself I promise Kelly and Zack will be the best choice you ever made for your online business.

Lauren, Maison Lyle
Kelly is an active listener. Her responses were direct and helped me to clarify my thinking. She was instrumental in helping me recognize new approaches to problem solving, and to be more trusting of myself and my intuition. She provided an invaluable service. I’ve worked with three other coaches in the past and Kelly is the best by far.
Kelly helped me focus my goals not only in what I wanted in a career, but in life as well. With her exercises, she helped me target what was really important to me and showed me how to set goals to get the most out of what I wanted. She has laid the foundation for me; it is now up to me to build upon it.

What I liked about Kelly was she not only helped me target in on what I wanted out of life, she helped me keep promises I made to myself to achieve those things I wanted. With exercises and gentle nudges, I have the foundation and building blocks for a great life.